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February 23, 2013
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Do Ponies Use Toilets? by Pony-Berserker Do Ponies Use Toilets? by Pony-Berserker
:icontrixieconfusedplz: :iconsaysplz: "Ugh! Not this again..."
:icontrixiecondescendsplz: :iconsaysplz: "I know it's you, Twilight Sparkle..."

Korean translation:

If you missed that tweet, check it out here:… But we've seen an outhouse in The Last Roundup... And Rarity's suite in Sweet and Elite had a shower so it had to have a toilet I guess.

This comic is also an intended reference to (a parody of?) all those ask-a-pony tumblrs ;p

Everything was drawn by me in Inkscape.
MLP and its characters belong to Hasbro.
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Feel free to send to repost this comic or translate it into any langauge, just remember to link back here (but you can't post it on DeviantArt)
EQD 25/02/2013 Featured position in the comic post on EQD, yay! Link to the post…

A dubbed version of the comic:…
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sushero 1 day ago  New member
........ one think to live whit the apples  =/
EmmetEarwax 3 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
filthy horses !
Hnyny and Hwee, my houyhnmhnms, use toilets !
Melanie-sama Mar 24, 2014  Student Artist
I read all the responses in their voices. 0.o
Rarity's response is best.
pokemonlegend999 Feb 27, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
the last panel is hilarious Trixie better watch out cuz here it comes
natekiksace Jan 29, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
cause i'm twilightlicious, rly?
I now have the image of a country full of ponies taking their dump in alleyways and street corners, and a massive manure pit beneath Cloudsdale. 

Taking a dump in the wild wouldn't be much of a problem a thousand years ago, but a modern country without a centralized plumbing/sewage or even normal toiletry would have catastrophic hygiene and health problems.

 The stank alone would be APOCALYPTIC. 
Pony-Berserker Jan 27, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
well... do you think people in the Middle Ages, or even more modern times had any different? People used to throw waste out the window, on the street! The smell was disgusting, and a lot of diseases spread around towns. Remember that Equestria is in a Medieval Stasis :P
So, tbh, I can totally see Equestrian Towns as places full of excrements wherever you go :P
Remember that Equestria is in a Medieval Stasis

Unlikely, because despite many obvious anachronisms, we have seen railway, video-game machines, disco jockey tables, cruise ships, air ships, modern fashion and mannerism, etc.. Equestria's more of a quasi-medieval-industrial age society with Schizo-tech than purely in medieval stasis.

It's a bit ironic they have access to magic to capable of defeating gods, yet fail to possess proper plumbing, and worse of all the sole reason for it is because they possess some weird social aversion towards toilets.

They better have decent healthcare services if they are to deal with all sorts of pathogens and illnesses that could spread through excrement. 
Pony-Berserker Jan 27, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
it's still schizo-tech anyway, so lack of sewer system is totally understandable :P
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